Owlbot Dictionary API:

Owlbot searches the internet to index information and making them accessible via HTTP APIs. Currently, it offers an English dictionary API. Web applications or mobile apps can use Owlbot dictionary API to get the definition of English words, and in some cases, pronunciation, picture, example sentence, and emoji if available.

Sample usage

Here is a sample frontend form which is using the Owlbot dictionary API. You can search for a different word to try it and switch between the web view and JSON response.

The source code of this sample usage which is a Vue.js component is available at [email protected]:payamnj/owlbot-sample-vue.js.git.

How to work with the Owlbot API?

If you are interested in using the OwlBot API in your project, you can check the API reference. here is what a cURL request to Owlbot dictionary API would look like:
curl --header "Authorization: Token YOUR_TOKEN" https://owlbot.info/api/v4/dictionary/owl

For javascript we have a simple npm package.

As you have noticed from the cURL request, to use the Owlbot API, you need an API token for authhntication.